Sauteed Squash Blossoms


On the heels of my last post, I wanted to share a lovely recipe that uses another part of the zucchini plant – its blossom.  I’ve had so much fun (with food again;-) working the flower into a number of dishes, from soup to quesadillas, and while many know preparations as deep fried, this one is gently sauteed…

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Zucchini "Pasta" with Pesto

zuke noodles

I have fun with food.  Love bringing home fresh veggies from the farmers’ market and whipping up new dishes based on what’s in season.  I love gadgets, too – not the fancy ones, but those that make our lives easier in the kitchen.  Of course, there’s the food processor, and the blender, the Microplane, and the mandoline.  Now if you haven’t played with one yet…making noodles is a great way to start…

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Fresh Goji Berry Muffins


Do you have any idea what is in this bowl?  I’ll pay the first person who gets it right.  (You will be paid in anti-oxidants:)  One person guessed a type of pepper; others a fruit, and someone thought they resembled “Hot Tamales” from the movie theater.  Still no clue?  Well, I was stumped, too…

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Local Food Revolution

local bike

In case you haven’t heard…there’s a revolution going on!  It starts in the ground, is grown to feed the earth and to nourish its inhabitants. Food.  A precious yet vital source and the key to sustainable health.  For some, access to food is more difficult than others.  Here in the Napa Valley, we live in a climate that is temperate and suitable for planting a variety of crops.  Sure, we’re known for our grapes, but there are so many possibilities for additional food production that we are just beginning to uncover…

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Fish in a Pocket

halibut done

Last night my cooking class featured easy, low-calorie foods.  Two of them have appeared before – cauliflower couscous and raw kale slaw.  The addition was halibut ‘en papillote,’ or the fancy (French) way of saying ‘fish in a pocket.’  It is the easiest preparation ~ no fuss, no mess.  And the ‘wow’ factor for those at the dinner table is the ultimate endorsement.

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Baked Apples

baked apples

In the thick of the ‘healthy post-holiday season,’ we are inundated with diet and weight loss suggestions.  While I’m all for getting on a healthy track, I  am not a fan of the yo-yo diets or starvation protocols floating around. In essence, they are unsustainable and they put our bodies through undue stress and confusion.  Instead, I opt for continuity by eating whole foods in their most natural state every day.  Easy enough, right?  Let’s explore…

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Last Minute Holiday Goodies


I am a list maker, and taker, in this case.  I collect them all – from “Top Ten Kitchen Gadgets” to “the Most Romantic Beach Destinations” (which, of course, is a constant research project.)  Since most of the work has already been done, I thought you might enjoy some of these suggestions when crossing your list and checking it twice, or trying to avoid shopping hangovers.

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Goat Cheese with Cumin and Mint

goat cheese pom

I am part of something new and exciting this week.  Seven fellow food writers are joining together for a “Progressive Thanksgiving Dinner Party”  and you are invited to attend!  Each of us will be offering recipes every day this week comprising an entire holiday meal. You will have several options for each category, depending on taste and food combinations.  Yesterday we started with beverages at Whole Life Nutrition and Gluten Free Organics.  Today I will be presenting an appetizer, along with two more from Book of Yum and Gluten Free Organics.

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Holiday Herbs and Spices


As we prepare our Thanksgiving menus, many fresh herbs come unto play which not only taste good, but are good for you.  From appetizers to dessert, herbs like sage and thyme sprout from the garden into the kitchen.  The wafts of their fragrance bring back fond childhood memories which come to life again and help with everything from digestion to stress.

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