You’ll Scream for this Strawberry Ice Cream

I meant to include this with yesterday’s post…and now its just in time for the holiday.  Fresh strawberry ice cream in the middle of summer?  Sign me up.  And this one is dairy free.  HUH?  That’s right – it uses our favorite ‘cream’ coconut milk.  It is easy as pie to make (I never thought pie was easy…) but speaking of pie, you certainly could top it with the ice cream! So let’s get churning…

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Cilantro and Arugula Pesto

There is much to celebrate this week.  Summer solstice, Father’s Day, and the end of school (not for me yet.) Even though the days are now getting shorter, summer solstice is a wonderful transition of seasons. My herb garden is loving the switch from spring to summer, especially the basil and chives.  And herbs provide so much more than just wonderful flavors.  They offer a full array of health benefits and act as ‘booster foods’ when combined with butter or olive oil as vibrant summer toppings…

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Anatomy of Fresh Juice

Just look at those fabulous colors! And when you think about it, they really are available in almost every season.  This week I am attempting another cleanse, but I’ve changed my approach on how to view it.  Instead of looking at it as deprivation, I decided to embrace it as consuming the bounty of spring flavors.  And sometimes my juicer runneth over with a rainbow of goodness…

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Support Your Local Farmers

Laddie Hall - Long Meadow Ranch

Laddie Hall – Long Meadow Ranch

Most of you know this is my favorite time of year because…our farmers’ markets are open again!  I feel like its Christmas in the Napa valley four times a week.  The bounty of produce is just beginning to bloom, but there are already so many marvelous gems ripe for the picking.  Fresh greens, luscious apricots and cherries, and herbs to cultivate in our own gardens.

How else do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…

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Savor the Earth and Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Happy Earth Day!  What are you doing for this holiday?  While that might not mean ‘day off work…’ it IS a reason to celebrate, for all that we do, eat, and live by is a result of how we nurture it.  Since my mission is all about ‘promoting a healthy appetite for a thriving planet,’ I thought it was only fitting that I devote this post to food as it relates to the earth (and, as you know, they are intricately connected.) Click to continue reading »

Spring Quinoa "Risotto"

No matter where you live (save south of the equator,) asparagus is in full ‘bloom’ right now and bursting with flavor at all the farmers markets. There are a zillion ways to prepare it (altho I haven’t found one for dessert – YET:) and it blends with so many complimentary vegetables.  I’ve combined asparagus with a few different ingredients to make up a creative version of ‘risotto,’ using quinoa.  But first – health bennies! Click to continue reading »

Creamy Carrot Curry Soup

If it’s Tuesday, it must be another challenge of  ‘what to make for dinner.’  Having just returned from a trip to the southwest (go Giants!), I came home to an empty kitchen with no time to spare. As I raided the fridge, I uncovered a fresh bunch of carrots from Thursday’s delivery, still crisp and sweet.  I always have onions and ginger on hand…and started to sense a recipe for another blender concoction in the making.  Click to continue reading »

Avocado Pudding

Happy spring! In our continuing ‘celebration’ of all things green, today’s feature is the avocado.  This is the beginning of the season in California for the Hass variety, whereas in Florida, the green skinned variety is best in the fall.  Hass avocados are a tad richer and creamier than the other varieties.

Besides being delicious, avocados are a super food for the heart.  They are high in ‘healthy fats,’ containing oleic acid – a monounsaturated fat said to help lower cholesterol.  They are also high in potassium which regulates blood pressure, and high in folate which contributes to reducing women’s chance of heart failure.  (Heart attacks are the number one cause of death for women over age 65.)  Click to continue reading »

Stretch Your Wallet, Not Your Waist – Part 1

While the economy has brought on some pretty dire news lately, I have noticed something quite  heartwarming with regards to food.  There seems to be a subtle movement to return to the good ol’ days of cooking at home and enjoying leftovers!  For me, this is a common practice…but for many, the thought of it can be almost daunting.

There are scores of ways to save money on food with a little planning.  Much of what we eat today may be convenient, but for that we pay the price.  And I know the investment of time is worth the investment in my health – both for my body and my bank account. So let’s identify some ways to cut costs in the kitchen… Click to continue reading »

O'Fennel and Cabbage

As a good Irish girl, I’ve decided to go green this month.  OK, every month, but I mean with regards to my material here.  As you know, this site is dedicated to whole foods in season – and this week’s feature is fennel.

Fennel is a relative of  the celery family and a wonderful healing food.  Sweet fennel, also known as anise, offers a licorice flavor and is mostly used as seed which was made into ‘gripe water’ for babies to soothe their bellies.  Chewing on the seeds acts as an adult digestive aid and breath freshener. Click to continue reading »