Roasted Pumpkin Risotto with Crispy Sage










I just KNOW you have some pumpkin around…and am here to help you make it into the best savory side dish on your Thanksgiving table. Or as a main course as the ultimate show stopper at your next dinner party. Yes, this dish has the WOW factor. Click to continue reading »

Beet Hummus


Gearing up for the big game this weekend?  Yes, the Warriors are playing the Suns!  If you live near San Francisco, you might be hard pressed to stay inside at all, we’ve had such gorgeous weather.  But if you do rally for a party atmosphere on Sunday, here is a great recipe for snacking that will still allow extra room for beverages…

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Smoky Watermelon Salad

I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying this, but we are having an incredible summer.  Unlike 90% of our country, California weather has been mild and mellow.  And while the wine grapes are a few weeks behind with harvest, melons are at their sweet peak right now.

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Sauteed Squash Blossoms


On the heels of my last post, I wanted to share a lovely recipe that uses another part of the zucchini plant – its blossom.  I’ve had so much fun (with food again;-) working the flower into a number of dishes, from soup to quesadillas, and while many know preparations as deep fried, this one is gently sauteed…

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Curry Cashews


Snacking is my middle name (by now you know I have a few;-) and I usually want something savory.  Nuts are the perfect on-the-go food – satisfying and nutritious in one bite.  I have a wide variety in my refrigerator, as just like seeds, the oils in nuts are perishable.  Cashews are the most shelf stable and quite versatile.  I eat them whole, or pre-soak and whip them into a creamy dressing as a dairy substitute.

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Kale Chips

kalechips sheetI’ve been a bit of a TV junkie of late watching the Olympics in prime time, pushing the limits of my shut eye.  After this week comes the Academy Awards on March 7th, which is another excuse to create a party around a food theme. Certainly with Julie and Julia in the mix we will see Boeuf Bourguignon or this lovely adaptation of pumpkin soup from Shirley at GFE.  For the Oscars, I tend to lean toward a variety of nibbles and small plates – don’t want to miss a glimpse of George Clooney! – and one of my favorite winter snacks are fresh baked kale chips.

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"Creamy" Potato Leek Soup


We are gearing up for a series of storms on the west coast this week…so to me, that begs for soup.  Soup is the best way to get mega-doses of vegetables all in one serving, with so many variables on combinations.  And as part of our monthly Gluten Free Progressive Dinner Party, I thought it was fitting to offer this recipe as the first course.  Let the flood gates open (so to speak…) as we savor soups in the season of the storm…

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Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms

stuffed mush

I’m sure you’re all planning enticing New Year’s Eve menus…and this dish will definitely fit the bill!  I adapted the recipe from another local nutritionist, Cheryl Forberg, who is the consultant for “The Biggest Loser.”  Cheryl creates dishes which are seasonal and satisfying…and just so happen to be good for you.  Sound familiar?

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