Summer is Sprouting

Everything around us is bursting with energy and color.  Are you?  If there is hesitation in that answer, I have a healthful hint that will put a little ‘spring’ in your step.

You’ve probably noticed that sprouts aren’t just for granola crunchers from the old days when so called ‘health food’ tasted like cardboard.  (I should invite them over to persuade them otherwise, and why is poor granola picked on?  That is a staple around here…) ANYway, the process to grow your own sprouts is SO easy, SO healthy and SO economical.  It just takes a few minutes and maybe one trip to the health food store. Click to continue reading »

Gluten-Free Apricot and Pistachio Scones

The first of the apricot crop is coming into our farmers’ markets…and you can bet they will be a primary staple in our house during their brief season.  In addition to being a wonderful dessert item, apricots are fun to play with in salsas and chutneys and rice dishes.  They are tastiest fresh, but also used dried in a variety of baked goods such as these scones for breakfast…

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Green Eggs and Mom

Had my Mum over today for a 3-course morning menu.  Part of it was inspired by an old recipe she had made for us which was served for dinner: tuna souffle.  It was a delicious, canned tuna and lemon ‘gourmet’ treat which I took the liberties of tweaking with salmon and a blender in this recipe posted a few months ago.

Last week in class, our subject was breakfast and we got to play with eggs.  We made some of the best souffles I may have ever tasted (next to Mom’s, of course.)  Being the considerate daughter I strive for, I wanted to share the love and ‘give back’ on this day we pay tribute to a lady so deserving.  Thank you, Mom.

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Got Almond Milk?

For those that are looking for a dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk, this post is for you. Almond milk is a delicious blend of pure water and almonds with a little time added for preparation.  Just as with the nut itself (minus the fiber,) almond milk is nutrient dense and a great addition to many meals. Click to continue reading »

Green Smoothie

Sometimes I take a theme and run it to the ground.  But this green thing is so vibrant and energizing and seasonal…you get the point.

I know everyone has their own recipe for the perfect smoothie…me, too!  OK, ‘perfect’ in the sense that it uses whatever suits my mood that morning and just so happens to be healthy, too. I love the versatility of the ingredients, and for that I also love my freezer.  It allows me to use whatever ‘was’ in season from the farmer’s market and bring it out for my morning blend.  Some people do coffee – I do smoothies.

What makes the smoothie green is the addition of ‘green leafies,’ as I call them.  You can use kale, chard, beet greens, spinach, radish greens or whatever greens you have on hand. The idea is to give your morning beverage an extra dose of nutrients (especially fiber and Omega 3s) which in turn provides more energy and kick starts our metabolism into high gear. Click to continue reading »

Carrot (Pulp) Muffins

I am a big juicer, as in I make fresh juices almost daily.  And most often that juice will contain a pretty hefty amount of carrots, for color and flavor.  My compost pile was turning fairly orange from the excess pulp, so I decided to try other ways to use the pulp in my kitchen first.  I figured I could substitute the pulp in a recipe that called for grated carrots, which is what I did in the following recipe with a few other adjustments. Click to continue reading »

Flax Coffee

Do I have you intrigued? Mouth watering and ready for a healthy jolt?  Great – I’m on the right track.  In the thick of winter there’s nothing better than starting the day with something warm, and this beverage is just the ticket. Or end the day (with your chocolate polenta cake) sending more nutrients to the heart. The energy boost it provides comes from delicious, nutritious ingredients – not caffeine. You could say it’s a healthy take on coffee, lovingly provided by my #1 inspiration, Ed Bauman. Click to continue reading »

Cranberry Muesli


before soaking

Mue-what?  Muesli (mews-lee) is Swiss by origin, where in the 1900’s a doctor prescribed it for his patients needing a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables. (Alas, no veggies in this one.)  Mues relates to an old English word meaning moose, or pottage, and that’s just how to describe this breakfast dish.

All the ingredients of muesli are considered important elements of a healthy diet.  It can contain up to two servings of fresh fruit, reducing risk of cancer and other age-related diseases.  Whole grains are high in fiber, and when soaked, are easier to digest.  Oats, as you know, are beneficial in reducing cholesterol and therefore good for the heart.  Seeds provide healthy fats and essential amino acids; and yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and protein.  Cranberries are great for the kidneys and probably on sale post-holidays.  Click to continue reading »