Summer is Sprouting

Everything around us is bursting with energy and color.  Are you?  If there is hesitation in that answer, I have a healthful hint that will put a little ‘spring’ in your step.

You’ve probably noticed that sprouts aren’t just for granola crunchers from the old days when so called ‘health food’ tasted like cardboard.  (I should invite them over to persuade them otherwise, and why is poor granola picked on?  That is a staple around here…) ANYway, the process to grow your own sprouts is SO easy, SO healthy and SO economical.  It just takes a few minutes and maybe one trip to the health food store. Click to continue reading »

Gluten-Free Apricot and Pistachio Scones

The first of the apricot crop is coming into our farmers’ markets…and you can bet they will be a primary staple in our house during their brief season.  In addition to being a wonderful dessert item, apricots are fun to play with in salsas and chutneys and rice dishes.  They are tastiest fresh, but also used dried in a variety of baked goods such as these scones for breakfast…

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Curry Confetti Rice

For our midterms in chef class, we were given a bag of mystery ingredients and tasked to produce magic with one dish in ninety minutes. (Note to self: withdraw any requests to be on “Iron Chef.”)  Actually, there’s another show on the Food Network called “Chopped which challenges chefs to do something similar in much less time.  They compete amongst each other and whoever doesn’t pass muster with the judges, goes on the ‘chopping block.’  Thankfully, we all ‘made the grade’ and produced some pretty tasty dishes… Click to continue reading »

Green Eggs and Mom

Had my Mum over today for a 3-course morning menu.  Part of it was inspired by an old recipe she had made for us which was served for dinner: tuna souffle.  It was a delicious, canned tuna and lemon ‘gourmet’ treat which I took the liberties of tweaking with salmon and a blender in this recipe posted a few months ago.

Last week in class, our subject was breakfast and we got to play with eggs.  We made some of the best souffles I may have ever tasted (next to Mom’s, of course.)  Being the considerate daughter I strive for, I wanted to share the love and ‘give back’ on this day we pay tribute to a lady so deserving.  Thank you, Mom.

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Coconut is a Healthy Fat

There, I said it.  And I feel so much better.  Not just because I said it, but because I eat it…and often.   I haven’t gained a pound or lost an ounce of energy in the process.  I eat it in all forms – raw, oil, milk, shredded.  In case you hadn’t already figured it out, just ask my classmates how loco I am about coco.

How did this luscious fruit get such a bad (and dare I say, undeserved) rap? For years we have heard the ‘experts’ make claims that fat makes you fat, canola is the healthiest cooking oil, and coconut is a bad fat which promotes heart disease. Actually, none of these widely accepted ‘truths’ are in fact true.  But don’t just take my word for it…here are more experts as to the reasons why: Click to continue reading »

Coconut Tapioca

I have been behind with my writing lately, and other than school taking all of my food-loving-creative-energy (a good thing,) and the passing of a friend’s beloved pet (gosh, those hit hard)…I’ll get back to it. That said, I realize I am sending two desserts in a row (of course you know I favor them;-) and this one includes coconut, which you also know I am just plain nuts for. Click to continue reading »

Savor the Earth and Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Happy Earth Day!  What are you doing for this holiday?  While that might not mean ‘day off work…’ it IS a reason to celebrate, for all that we do, eat, and live by is a result of how we nurture it.  Since my mission is all about ‘promoting a healthy appetite for a thriving planet,’ I thought it was only fitting that I devote this post to food as it relates to the earth (and, as you know, they are intricately connected.) Click to continue reading »

Spring Quinoa "Risotto"

No matter where you live (save south of the equator,) asparagus is in full ‘bloom’ right now and bursting with flavor at all the farmers markets. There are a zillion ways to prepare it (altho I haven’t found one for dessert – YET:) and it blends with so many complimentary vegetables.  I’ve combined asparagus with a few different ingredients to make up a creative version of ‘risotto,’ using quinoa.  But first – health bennies! Click to continue reading »

Got Almond Milk?

For those that are looking for a dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk, this post is for you. Almond milk is a delicious blend of pure water and almonds with a little time added for preparation.  Just as with the nut itself (minus the fiber,) almond milk is nutrient dense and a great addition to many meals. Click to continue reading »