Green Celebration!

Today the color green reaches beyond the hills into our clothes and onto our plates.  I thought I’d dig into the archives to support the celebration whether on St. Patrick’s Day or into spring which is just around the corner…

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Shepherd’s Sweet Potato Pie

Don’t touch that dial!  Those colors are for real – no enhancement necessary.  Not only is the dish gorgeous (in a child-like finger painting way), I do believe it has overtaken my beloved beet risotto as numero uno. Shepherd’s pie made with sweet potatoes will be a new staple in this house. Click to continue reading »

Potato and Chickpea Curry

veg curry

This time of year beckons me to have a pot of something hearty simmering on the stove.  The beauty of it is threefold: whatever you make gets better with ‘age’; you have lunch and/or dinner ready in no time; and its economical since you can stretch it into several meals.  My friend Shirley at Gluten Free Easily recently posted this recipe and ironically, I had almost everything it called for already on hand.  (That’s the beauty of having a well stocked pantry;-) Click to continue reading »

Lentils with Sweet Potatoes and Greens

sweet pot

Happy Earth Day!  And what better way to celebrate than to recycle your food?!  OK, that doesn’t necessarily scream ‘appetizing’ but here’s my thought.  I adore leftovers.  With the exception of fish (save salmon for my salad) most foods cooked the day before have had more time to permeate their flavors, especially when it comes to dishes like soup or stews.  And not only does eating leftovers maximize your mileage of that item, it also saves on your pocketbook. Click to continue reading »

Chicken Marbella

chix marbella

There is something so satisfying about a dish that combines sweet and savory.  It may be because I can’t make up my mind which is more desirable.  In this case I don’t have to choose – succulent prunes are married with tender chicken to make one of my favorite entrees, Chicken Marbella.

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Polenta and Beans

polenta bean

I know you’re all planning your menus for the big game on Sunday…OK, not ALL of you.  Nonetheless, this time of year begs for soups, stews and beans!  The beauty of cold, wet weather is that it gives us ‘permission’ to stay inside and create dishes which require low and slow methods.  Beans fall into that category, with their pre-soak and longer cook time, enabling the flavors to permeate from the stove to the table.

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Fish in a Pocket

halibut done

Last night my cooking class featured easy, low-calorie foods.  Two of them have appeared before – cauliflower couscous and raw kale slaw.  The addition was halibut ‘en papillote,’ or the fancy (French) way of saying ‘fish in a pocket.’  It is the easiest preparation ~ no fuss, no mess.  And the ‘wow’ factor for those at the dinner table is the ultimate endorsement.

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Lentil and Sweet Potato Stew


I always have a drawer full of sweet potatoes on hand and have been using them in everything from sweet to savory.  This recipe from Delicious Living Magazine (the free one you get at health food stores) intrigued me with its addition of almonds and yogurt, for both added texture and subtle creaminess.  The pairing of lentils and sweet potatoes is lovely, and the garnishes did not disappoint.  This stew is a great way to warm up the palate on a cold winters’ night.

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Sweet Potato Portabellos


Many nights I forage in my kitchen looking for inspiration to make dinner.  When I can’t find her, I rely on Plan B: “go with what ya got.”  Yesterday I pulled out some portabello mushrooms I had been wanting to use for just this type of dish.  Like baked potatoes. portabellos are great for filling with all types of flavors.  They are quite meaty and absorb whatever liquids you use for marinade.  I paired them with the sweet potatoes I had left over from Thanksgiving, and another main course was born.

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Goat Cheese with Cumin and Mint

goat cheese pom

I am part of something new and exciting this week.  Seven fellow food writers are joining together for a “Progressive Thanksgiving Dinner Party”  and you are invited to attend!  Each of us will be offering recipes every day this week comprising an entire holiday meal. You will have several options for each category, depending on taste and food combinations.  Yesterday we started with beverages at Whole Life Nutrition and Gluten Free Organics.  Today I will be presenting an appetizer, along with two more from Book of Yum and Gluten Free Organics.

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