If you follow this blog, you know what a goof I am for coconut oil.  And recently there have been several posts from other like minded writers who list over 200 ways to use it!  In addition to all its health benefits, coconut oil has a high smoke point and is great for baking.  But there’s another healthy oil to cook with, and this one just so happens to come from my neighborhood – the Napa Valley.  It’s grapeseed oil and it’s made by Salute Santé.

Grapeseed oil is light and clean in color and on the palate and therefore an excellent choice for all types of cooking. Salute Santé adopts green practices in the production of their oils, using every part of the grape that doesn’t make it into wine.  Their most recent product is extra virgin and cold pressed, which gently processes the oil without heat or oxygen.  This makes the nutrients more available, such as antioxidants and vitamin E.  And just like coconut and olive oils, this grapeseed oil is good for the skin, too.

What I also love about this line is another by-product: grapeseed flour.  It’s a nutty, dense gluten-free flour which is from the ‘cake’ of pressed grapeseeds.  I have been experimenting with different recipes for baked goods and find that it’s best blended with other flours due to its dense texture. The flavor is rich and pairs beautifully with almond flour, as in this recipe adapted from Elana’s Pantry.

Grapeseed Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

I used a 2″ sized ice cream scoop to put dough on baking sheet.  Yield was about 10 cookies.

2 1/4 cups blanched almond flour
1/2 cup grapeseed flour (Merlot is my fave)
½ teaspoon celtic sea salt
½ teaspoon baking soda
½ cup grapeseed oil
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1/3 cup coconut or agave nectar
1 cup dark chocolate chips (mini’s work great)
Coarse sea salt


Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl
Stir together wet ingredients in a smaller bowl
Mix wet ingredients into dry
Form 1-2 inch balls and lightly press onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet
Sprinkle with a few grains of coarse sea salt, if desired
Bake at 350° for 7-10 minutes
Cool and serve

>>To purchase Salute Santé oils, try your local heath food store, Whole Foods, or in Napa, Oxbow Public Market


Grapeseed Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies — 11 Comments

  1. I have grapeseed oil and flour on hand all the time! Plan to make these cookies soon.

  2. I’ve used grapeseed oil in the past (quite some time ago), but switched to coconut oil because I was concerned about the quality of the grapeseed oil that was available (several years ago). It’s nice to find a supplier who has a healthy product. I REALLY want to try the flour. It sounds delightful (and fun). I wasn’t able to access the Salute Santé online store though. I keep getting an error message. I’ll try later because baking with grapeseed flour sounds fascinating. I can’t wait to experiment with various flour mixtures.

    Thanks for a great post (as always).
    Melissa´s last blog post ..Celiac awareness book giveaway (part 2)My Profile

  3. Hey, thanks Karen for all the great ideas and suggestions. Please check out our website http://www.grapeseedoil.com for recipes and purchasing – I’m adding your recipes now!!
    Karen is a couple of days ahead of me – Chardonnay (item #8901) & Merlot (item#8902) grapeseed flour and all 10 varietals are about to get added!

  4. Jackie, let me know how you like them!
    Melissa, yes,absolutely proceed with caution using oils that are refined or produced at high heat. That’s what makes this one so much better. Hopefully you have been able to connect now with Nanette’s link, too, so you can access the flour. Let’s share notes on recipes!
    Nanette, I’ll try the Chardonnay flour next!
    Jessica, the pleasure is mine! I love all the uses for coco oil…now we can try some with the cold pressed grapeseed.
    Karen´s last blog post ..Grapeseed Oil and FlourMy Profile

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