A slight deviation this week – but it is seasonal! Our dog, Ellie, loves to romp in the vineyard (hubbie Jay is president of Cuvaison Estate Wines.)  So there we are on one of our regular outings when Ellie became enamored with the ‘bounty’ of dried grape clusters that didn’t make the cut for wine. She must have stopped at every other row, gobbling up at whatever her mouth could muster, devouring stems, seeds and all.  At first I thought, good – she’s getting her fruit ration for the day – until I suddenly remembered that grapes were on my list of toxic foods for pets!  Fast forward past the ‘loose’ evidence that something wasn’t right with her digestion and Ellie has recovered nicely.  She has found another ‘natural’ snack – carrots – which is safe and great for the teeth.

If you Google ‘toxic foods for pets’ you will discover a slew of tips and opinions on the subject. One of the better sources I found came from “About.com” with regards to dogs ingesting grapes.  Thankfully, we did not need vet intervention this time, but it is something to watch closely.  Keep the ASPCA Poison Center number handy.  They are available 24/7 and have a team of experts to help.

For more information on other foods pets should avoid, check out Wise Geek.  You’ll notice chocolate is potentially fatal – something to make note of during the holidays, including Halloween.


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