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Nothing says Christmas flavor more than eggnog and I’m always on the hunt for good recipes to use it with. Since this time of year is really the only time I indulge in such a rich beverage, I thought it might be fun to make it quasi healthy by adding chia seeds for a festive, creamy dessert.

Chia pudding (aka tapioca) can take on many flavors. I’ve made it with chocolate, almond, strawberry and vanilla…most often using coconut milk (not lite) as the liquid (see previous recipe). It’s a great dairy free option which tends to work better than nut milks because it offers a thicker texture that binds the seeds.

You all know the health benefits of chia seeds: calcium, protein and lots of Omega 3s. Add those with pomegranates and there is simply no guilt while enjoying this decadent delight. And it’s SO easy, it barely qualifies to be called a recipe!!

Eggnog Chia Pudding  Makes 6-8 servings (1/2 cup each)

2 cups eggnog (dairy free will work, too – just add 2 TB extra chia seeds)

1/3 cup chia seeds (use the white ones if you have finicky eaters)

Pomegranate seeds soaked in brandy for garnish

Mix all together in bowl and stir for several minutes until well blended.  Stir again after about 20 minutes, then refrigerate a minimum of 4 ours to overnight.

To serve, spoon into small bowls and top with approximately 1 TB pomegranate seeds. You can also add fresh whipped coconut milk and nutmeg, too (as shown in photo.)


‘Tis the season! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! XO Karen 


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