Do I have you intrigued? Mouth watering and ready for a healthy jolt?  Great – I’m on the right track.  In the thick of winter there’s nothing better than starting the day with something warm, and this beverage is just the ticket. Or end the day (with your chocolate polenta cake) sending more nutrients to the heart. The energy boost it provides comes from delicious, nutritious ingredients – not caffeine. You could say it’s a healthy take on coffee, lovingly provided by my #1 inspiration, Ed Bauman.

Ed’s Flax Coffee

I used rice milk as my ‘base,’ which made it more of a latte…you can be creative with soy, almond, cow or goat milk, too.

1 TB freshly ground flax seed
1 C near boiling water
1 TB molasses
cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom to taste

Blend together and enjoy within five minutes or so.

Consistency will be somewhat thick from the ground flax – but you want the benefits it has to offer.

FLAX spells:

Fiber: just 2 TB of flax delivers 4 grams – as much as 1.5 cups of oatmeal! It also helps regulate cholesterol, battles diabetes, and keeps our system ‘moving.’

Lignans: Natural antioxidants reducing damage from free-radical cell activity. Lignans are also said to have anti-cancer properties.

Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA): an essential Omega 3 fatty acid (2400mg. in just one serving,) important for blood pressure regulation (heart), and cell membranes.

X-cellent: for mental health, the immune system and digestion.


Flax Coffee — 9 Comments

  1. Laura – According to Ed, it’s important to consume the flax in the beverage for all the health bennies. But it does provide a bit of a thick consistency.
    Carrie – let me know what you think!

  2. I tried this flax drink this morning…it was ok tasting. I added chai seasoning to it and used whole organic milk so it was very thick and rich. Went well with my multigrain pancake!!

  3. I just made this for Mick and me and we love it. I did not have molasses but I used agave nectar – not a full TB and I used non-fat milk as the base. SUPER! What a fantastic idea! A warm and fuzzy cup-o-“Ed”!

  4. I useground flaxseed in all smoothies,shakes and now in coffee.I use a vitamin blender to ground up my flaxseed

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