It’s nice to hear positive news every now and then, especially when it comes to money and our health.  Yesterday the NY Times published an article about our first lady, Michelle Obama, committing to eating healthy and spreading the good word. How encouraging that someone with such visibility and influence is taking a leading role by influencing everyone from our children to those who need it most.

The day before, our friend in real food, Michael Pollan, solicited readers to share thoughts on ‘smart eating’ and has received over 1,900 responses to date!  Comments range from “Cook every meal at home using real ingredients and you will be eating healthy,” (which I will expand upon in ‘how to save food $ at home’); “Food rule : enough is too much,” to “Don’t eat anything you can buy at a gas station.”

There is much to be said for what our grandparents taught us about taking time to eat whole foods.  I would add purchasing foods which come from organic, sustainable sources.  For details on the most crucial foods to buy organic, the Environmental Working Group offers a wallet size card of the so-called “Dirty Dozen”  and the “Clean 15.” As for me, I choose to opt out of any chemicals – no matter how much residue is detected. It’s also a commitment  to preserve the integrity of our environment, and the small farms that depend on it.

Another article appeared in the SF Chronicle this weekend on what I call Edible Home Remedies.  As a victim of frequent migraines, I have also tried adding two drops of ghee in each nostril, which is an Ayurvedic healing method.  (Can’t say it has done much for me yet – other than prompt me to butter my bread;-) Gargling with salt water is good for sore throats and toothaches; and eating pineapple helps with digestion.

What are your thoughts on eating smart?  Have any edible remedies you’d like to share?


Eating for Health — 2 Comments

  1. Yeah for Michelle Obama!! Love her – love him.

    I’ve heard it said that —-

    Oranges can settle an upset stomach.

    Bananas can help slow down diarrhea.

    Hot water with lemon can promote a bowel movement.

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