Stretch Your Wallet – Part 2

And now for my favorite subject: food!  Last week we reviewed various ways to save money in the kitchen (and the New York Times concurred); today we will get down to specifics from farm (or store) to table.

It is truly possible to enjoy nutritious and chemical-free foods on the cheap.  Cutting costs on what you buy doesn’t have to mean cutting out flavor or health.  Sure, mac-n-cheese is a deal, but there’s a whole bundle of fresh foods that are so much tastier and better for you ‘outside the box.’

Before farmers’ markets gear up again (May in our neighborhood,) we are dependent on the local grocery store to provide our weekly rations of produce (along with CSA’s.) As noted before, buying what’s in season is most economical and at its peak for freshness. Click to continue reading »

O'Fennel and Cabbage

As a good Irish girl, I’ve decided to go green this month.  OK, every month, but I mean with regards to my material here.  As you know, this site is dedicated to whole foods in season – and this week’s feature is fennel.

Fennel is a relative of  the celery family and a wonderful healing food.  Sweet fennel, also known as anise, offers a licorice flavor and is mostly used as seed which was made into ‘gripe water’ for babies to soothe their bellies.  Chewing on the seeds acts as an adult digestive aid and breath freshener. Click to continue reading »