Plum Delicious

Plums are in their sweet, succulent prime at the farmers’ market.  Aside from berries, they are my absolute favorite fruit.  I just love their juicy flesh enveloped by that tart, colorful skin.  And that’s the best part about them – the skin is loaded with pectin which keeps things moving (think prunes;-)

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Coconut Tapioca

I have been behind with my writing lately, and other than school taking all of my food-loving-creative-energy (a good thing,) and the passing of a friend’s beloved pet (gosh, those hit hard)…I’ll get back to it. That said, I realize I am sending two desserts in a row (of course you know I favor them;-) and this one includes coconut, which you also know I am just plain nuts for. Click to continue reading »

Savor the Earth and Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Happy Earth Day!  What are you doing for this holiday?  While that might not mean ‘day off work…’ it IS a reason to celebrate, for all that we do, eat, and live by is a result of how we nurture it.  Since my mission is all about ‘promoting a healthy appetite for a thriving planet,’ I thought it was only fitting that I devote this post to food as it relates to the earth (and, as you know, they are intricately connected.) Click to continue reading »