Baking Now and Then


There are chefs and then there are bakers.  I happen to be both.  I believe the way I came into baking was through my insatiable cravings for dessert, and growing up with the woman who mastered that category: my grandmother.  Edna Christmas Knight (so named for her birthday on Christmas Day) was the queen of crème brulee and the richest, most decadent  chocolate mousse you could ever wrap your tongue around.

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Gluten-Free Apricot and Pistachio Scones

The first of the apricot crop is coming into our farmers’ markets…and you can bet they will be a primary staple in our house during their brief season.  In addition to being a wonderful dessert item, apricots are fun to play with in salsas and chutneys and rice dishes.  They are tastiest fresh, but also used dried in a variety of baked goods such as these scones for breakfast…

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