Pear Almond Torte

pear almond torte

I  received pears in my CSA box yesterday which was a bit of a surprise, as I tend to focus on them more in the fall.  But I’m always game to put produce to new uses, and I love the combination of pears and almonds.  This recipe was adapted from a friend who was in my chef program.  Its flour-less and therefore gluten free.  The result was light and decadent (if that makes sense) – and just in time for Valentine’s Day…

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Got Almond Milk?

For those that are looking for a dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk, this post is for you. Almond milk is a delicious blend of pure water and almonds with a little time added for preparation.  Just as with the nut itself (minus the fiber,) almond milk is nutrient dense and a great addition to many meals. Click to continue reading »