Fish in a Pocket

halibut done

Last night my cooking class featured easy, low-calorie foods.  Two of them have appeared before – cauliflower couscous and raw kale slaw.  The addition was halibut ‘en papillote,’ or the fancy (French) way of saying ‘fish in a pocket.’  It is the easiest preparation ~ no fuss, no mess.  And the ‘wow’ factor for those at the dinner table is the ultimate endorsement.

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End-of-Summer One-Dish-Wonder

I am still craving fresh, sweet corn (and from the looks of it…Indian Summer is in the forecast!) and through my friend Steve at Rancho Gordo, I found a recipe which combines another favorite food – beans.  Tomatoes are finally in their prime, and put them all together for a wonderful side dish (to ribs) or along with a salad as a main course.  For the health benefits, you get lots of fiber (beans and corn), vitamin C (tomatoes) and antioxidants from the garlic.  All in, this dish costs about $1.25 per serving!

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White Beans with Pancetta and Zucchini

Some dishes are appropriate year round.  And in that camp, I would include beans.  Beans are one of the best plant sources of protein on the planet, not to mention low on the calorie index.  They are super high in fiber, which is great for reducing cholesterol and regulating blood sugar.  And…they are loaded with antioxidants, in some cases more than blueberries!

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