Fresh Goji Berry Muffins


Do you have any idea what is in this bowl?  I’ll pay the first person who gets it right.  (You will be paid in anti-oxidants:)  One person guessed a type of pepper; others a fruit, and someone thought they resembled “Hot Tamales” from the movie theater.  Still no clue?  Well, I was stumped, too…

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Raw Goji Berry Truffles


It’s that time of year when we get to make and eat everything we want, right?  Well, almost.  And if you follow this site, you can pretty much enjoy the most tantalizing goodies without breaking the weight bank, so to speak.  It’s day three of another “Gluten Free Progressive Dinner Party” and this month we are focusing on desserts.  Wahoo!  Today’s theme is chocolate, and I am sharing a simple recipe which can be served as dessert or under the tree.  It comes from that delicious experience at Esalen by Leslie Cerier.

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