Local Food Revolution

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In case you haven’t heard…there’s a revolution going on!  It starts in the ground, is grown to feed the earth and to nourish its inhabitants. Food.  A precious yet vital source and the key to sustainable health.  For some, access to food is more difficult than others.  Here in the Napa Valley, we live in a climate that is temperate and suitable for planting a variety of crops.  Sure, we’re known for our grapes, but there are so many possibilities for additional food production that we are just beginning to uncover…

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Stretch Your Wallet, Not Your Waist – Part 1

While the economy has brought on some pretty dire news lately, I have noticed something quite  heartwarming with regards to food.  There seems to be a subtle movement to return to the good ol’ days of cooking at home and enjoying leftovers!  For me, this is a common practice…but for many, the thought of it can be almost daunting.

There are scores of ways to save money on food with a little planning.  Much of what we eat today may be convenient, but for that we pay the price.  And I know the investment of time is worth the investment in my health – both for my body and my bank account. So let’s identify some ways to cut costs in the kitchen… Click to continue reading »