Green Smoothie

Sometimes I take a theme and run it to the ground.  But this green thing is so vibrant and energizing and seasonal…you get the point.

I know everyone has their own recipe for the perfect smoothie…me, too!  OK, ‘perfect’ in the sense that it uses whatever suits my mood that morning and just so happens to be healthy, too. I love the versatility of the ingredients, and for that I also love my freezer.  It allows me to use whatever ‘was’ in season from the farmer’s market and bring it out for my morning blend.  Some people do coffee – I do smoothies.

What makes the smoothie green is the addition of ‘green leafies,’ as I call them.  You can use kale, chard, beet greens, spinach, radish greens or whatever greens you have on hand. The idea is to give your morning beverage an extra dose of nutrients (especially fiber and Omega 3s) which in turn provides more energy and kick starts our metabolism into high gear. Click to continue reading »